Advanced Website Visitor Evaluation for Tourism Evaluation

It’s really great knowing how effective your Website is, but it is super fantastic to be able to know how your Website visitors get to your site, and which means of getting to your site are the most effective. Our Advanced Website Visitor Evaluation (a simple add-on) will give you cutting edge information, allowing you to greatly enhance your knowledge of your Website visitors’ behaviors and generate better results for your tourism assessment and tourism evaluation needs.

By purchasing this as an add-on to our standard Website Evaluation Study, we’ll help you get answers to ALL of the following questions and more:

  • How did people find our Website?
  • What keywords did they use?
  • What did they do to find your site?
  • What source (PPC, organic search, banner, etc.) has the highest conversions?
  • Does one of our banner ads outperform others?
  • What pages on our Website are getting the most hits?

Contact us today and let us help you build better tourism assessment results using our effective advanced tourism evaluation methods.