• What is your Website’s Net Conversion (% who made decision after seeing your website/materials & would not have come if they didn’t see your website)?
  • How much money (and on what) did visitors to your destination, who came because of your website, spend?
  • Did your Website motivate people to stay longer (and for how many nights) at your destination?
  • How many future trips (next two years) will people take to your destination, because of your Website

Differences Between Visitors & Non-Visitors to Your Destination
Some people come to your destination after visiting your website, while some people don’t.  Are their differences between these groups of people that might cause this to happen, or do some people just like you more than others?  We’ll help you disentangle this problem, by helping you answer the following questions:

  • What image do visitors and non-visitors have of your destination?
  • What are the demographic differences between visitors and non-visitors?
  • What are the differences in future visits between visitors and non-visitors?
  • Are there differences in how visitors/non-visitors will talk to others about your destination?
  • Are there geographic differences between visitors and non-visitors, and what are they?